Get Premium
Get the most and best for your privacy. With LockMyPix Premium Protection.
Premium unlocks all features and removes all ads
Open the Upgrade Menu from the LockMyPix settings and enjoy outstanding features:
Intruder Detection
Catch those people who try to open your Private Vault with automatically taken selfies.

Instant Cloud Backup

Take an entirely encrypted copy to your own and private Google Driveβ„’ that's a direct copy of your Vault and updates automatically. Best protection if you lose your phone or it breaks.

Fake Vault

Use that whenever someone forces you to open your Vault and view different files than stored in your Main Vault.

Hide the entire app

Ever thought how cool it would be if no one knew you were using a Private Vault at all? Use the Disguise Mode to make LockMyPix invisible.

Flip Lock

Lock your entire Vault whenever required by simply flipping your phone. That's great!

Shredder (Anti-Restore)

Safely shredd those files you import from your phones public storage directly after import. Makes a restore simply impossible.


Premium disables all ads.

How can I upgrade?

Open the Upgrade Menu from the LockMyPix settings.

Why is LockMyPix not that cheap like other apps?

The answer is simple: LockMyPix was built to ensure 100% privacy. The full encryption and UX/UI is unique. We don't just advertise full encryption, we fully implement it to ensure your security.
We don't collect data to cover our development. Instead we are transparent and have the shortest privacy protection policy as possible.

Can i use my upgrade on all my phones?


I've upgraded but my Premium is not active on my other phone

Your upgrade is connected to your Google Account or Apple ID. Just add the same account to your phone that you've used for your upgrade.

My upgrade is not detected (Android only)

Uninstall LockMyPix and reinstall. If this didn't help and you have added the same Google Account to your phone settings that you have used for your purchase, use the following solution:
  1. 1.
    Uninstall LockMyPix
  2. 2.
    Open a computer and navigate to the LockMyPix download​
  3. 3.
    Make sure that you are logged in with the Google Account that you've used for your LockMyPix upgrade
  4. 4.
    Click on install for LockMyPix
This will download LockMyPix to your phone again in some minutes.
Once LockMyPix has been installed automatically, check the Premium status. If the licence is still not detected, please reboot your phone once.

Refund my purchase

Head over to Google Play or the Apple App Store to request a refund. Refund eligibility may vary. See Google Play Refund Policies or Apple Media Services Terms and Conditions.

How can I cancel my Premium?

Just head over to Google Play or iOS to cancel your upgrade anytime.
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