Import Documents

Your Vault can protect any file and document.

Support for any file type is available from Version Gemini and currently available exclusively for Android devices

Let's protect documents

Log in to your Vault, select βž• in the bottom right and tap Hide photos and documents.

Swipe right or select the Files tab. Select any folder or document you'd like to add to your Private Vault. Submit your selection with the Import Button at the bottom.

Tip: Select a folder to import containing files and sub-folders. LockMyPix will keep the original directory structure

Top Tip: Send a file from any other app to LockMyPix to import it directly. For example from a file manager app

Open a document

Select the document from your Vault and tap on open. LockMyPix shows all installed apps that can open the document.

If you can't open a document for some reason, for example a PDF or TXT, simply open the Google Play Store and look for an app that can handle the file type

Mind that LockMyPix doesn't grant access to your encrypted files. If you change a file from outside LockMyPix, just reimport that to have the changed file securely stored inside your Vault.

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