🌈Design & Styling

What's good can even become perfect if you can adapt it to your personal needs.

Open the LockMyPix settings and select Design & Styling


Choose any theme color that you prefer. LockMyPix will take that color as the major color inside your Private Photo Vault.


That's active by default. Deactivate the Darkmode to switch to the bright view.

Slideshow Swipe Duration

Choose how long a photo is displayed until moving to the next photo inside a slideshow.

Slideshow Slider Speed

Set your preferred animation time when switching to the next photo.

Increase Zoom

Zoom on a photo is restricted by default to 50% of the entire photo size. Set that option if you want to increase the max. zoom level.

360Β° Finger

An awesome feature that allows you to rotate a photo as you like with two fingers and zoom in / out at the same time.

Show Share-Button

Active by default but can be disabled to make sure you don't accidentally tap the share-button.

If disabled, sharing files will still be possible from the selection mode.

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