Play Videos

LockMyPix on-the-fly decryption can play encrypted videos in real time without pre-decryption.
Open a Video and press on playback. Natively supported file types will play with the internal video player by default.

Supported file types

LockMyPix can play all video file types and codecs. Those that are natively supported by the OS play with the internal player by default. Other types will open in an external player (for example the MxPlayer).

I'm having issues with the playback

Try a different video player, i.e. the MxPlayer.

Player capabilities

The internal video player is quite powerful and is continously extended.


Use two fingers to zoom in/out.

Fast forward/rewind

Double tap in the right/left side of the display to fast forward/rewind 10 seconds. Or drag with a single finger from left -> right or vice versa.


Use the loop button
to set replay or autoloop the playlist (default). A playlist contains all videos from your current folder.


Slide up/down in the left side to set the volume. Slide in the right side to set the screen brightness.


LockMyPix extracs the thumbnail of a video during the import. To change the thumbnail, play a video with the internal player. During the playback, single press in the middle of the screen to open the menu. Select the shutter button
from the top left to take the current scene as the thumbnail.
The change may take effect after a LockMyPix restart.

Use an external player

Open the LockMyPix settings, move down to Videoplayback and deactivate the first option (Videoplayer) to use an external player for all videos.