🀫Hide the App

πŸ‘‘ Leave nothing to chance. Hide LockMyPix if you don't want anyone to know you are using a Private Vault.

Avoid certain situations

Use the Disguise Mode to hide your LockMyPix Vault from any person that may have access to your phone.

Let's start

Select Disguise Mode from the LockMyPix settings. Choose the app icon you'd like to use and submit. Some icons have an extended feature to even change the appearance of the login menu. Select the disguised login page design if you want to get the most out of the Disguise Mode (Android only).

Top Tip: Use the Fake Vault to create a decoy second Vault that shows other files than your Main Vault

How to login with a disguised login menu?

Quite easy but effective: Press for a second on any element in the disguised login menu or if you have choosen the calculator, press for a second on the equal sign.

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