LockMyPix requires several permissions for certain features. Read why this is required and why it's safe.

Storage permissions

Any app requires users permission to read and write on the storage. This is mandatory otherwise an app is not able to create files on the disk. This is essential for LockMyPix to secure your files.

All Files Access

With Android 11 a huge privacy change has been introduced, called Scoped Storage (read more - external link).

This requires apps like LockMyPix to request the All Files Permission since 01.11.2021 to be able to still protect any desired file.

Only apps that are allowed by Google Play can request this permission

LockMyPix will use that permission to ensure the same functionality as before. Nothing else.

Camera permission

This is required only if you want to take a photo/video from inside LockMyPix.


Permission is requried when taking a video with voice.

Mind: LockMyPix ensures your privacy and is build to give you greatest security for all your personal files. Permissions will solely used for the main purpose: functionality. LockMyPix will never send your private files to our servers or collect any files.

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