LockMyPix VS Other Apps
" You don't mind any other app than LockMyPix if you look for real privacy "

Complex Security Concept

Every single photo, video or document you import into LockMyPix is encrypted with AES CTR 256.
LockMyPix does not follow the concept of other apps. It relies on full encryption.
Simply hiding a photo or document is completely insecure. Full encryption is a guarantor of real data security.

Unique Architecture

Encryption is a complex and hardware-intensive process. The unique architecture of LockMyPix ensures that your Private Photo Gallery and Vault are not only absolutely safe, but also work lightning fast. No lags but full security combined with the highest comfort.
Tip: Only full encryption is secure. However, storing the password and/or encrypting the password only is completely insecure

LockMyPix does not know your password

Because it's insecure. A potential hacker could read the password or extract it from a hash. LockMyPix instead uses basic cryptography principles to ensure your security in any situation.

Reliable - No matter what happens

LockMyPix locks itself immediately after you leave the Vault or turn off the screen. The Vault does not appear in the list of recently opened applications and can be completely disguised. All these and many other factors have a significant impact on your security and privacy. Moreover, you can customize your LockMyPix Private Photo Vault and Video Vault according to your preferences and change even the smallest detail.

Established since 2013

For you. For us. For all people. Privacy is more important today than ever!
Growing danger from hacker attacks on individuals and authorities are worrying and show that our private, important and sensitive files, are at constant risk of falling into the wrong hands.
In 2013, we decided to develop LockMyPix - The True Private Vault for our mobiles that follows the principle of complete data security. Since then, LockMyPix has securely encrypted over 1 billion files and provided the highest possible protection.
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