I can't recover my password

First Rule: Don't panic.

If you can't recover your password for some reason keep calm and try to remember it as best as possible.

You can try different combinations unlimited times and hopefully remember your password. There's no time limit.

Mind: Even we, the Creators, don't know your password. LockMyPix is 100% secret and your private data is not shared or collected

Use the password deep check

Start LockMyPix and enter your password. Don't submit. Instead, press for a second on the LockMyPix logo until a message pops up. Follow the instructions.

The result from the check is validated as it decrypts a file from your vault and shows you whether the process was successful.

You can use the deep check unlimited times.

For iOS: Use the code options from the top right and select Alpha-Numeric Code to use the password deep check

If you don't see the logo, simply uninstall and reinstall LockMyPix

Delete the keyfile

From the password deep check ⬆️ select the option Delete Keyfile. This allows you to login with any password but will show your files only if you use the matching password. This must be the same password that you have used when securely imported the files.

How's that working?

LockMyPix encrypts any file inside your Private Vault with AES CTR 256. Considering an attacker gains access to your files, decryption is impossible without the matching password.

You are sure your password is matching?

Delete the keyfile from the password deep check and manually check the result by logging in with the selected password.

Files inside your Vault will not be displayed if you don't login with the exact same password that you've used when locked the files

I am still sure that my password is right

Encryption knows right or wrong but nothing between. Even if you write your password almost correctly, for example if you forget a letter or mix up upper and lower case, it's not accepted. As soon as you enter the matching password, the password check will confirm accordingly.

I've changed my phone and my password is denied suddenly

This may happens when the new device has received data from the old device but the LockMyPix Keyfile is not consistent. Delete the keyfile to login and follow the backup & import tips to move your Vault to your new device.

Can something change my password?

No. Your password will always remain same until you consciously change it from the LockMyPix settings.

I no longer have access to my email

Just reach out to our support with a proof that you are the owner of the email account in question in order to get that changed.

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