Backup Your Vault

Data security also includes fully encrypted backups. They protect you when you lose your device or it breaks for some reason.

Use the encrypted Cloud

Backups are very important to have a fallback for whatever happens to your phone.

Activate the Cloud from the LockMyPix settings.

This makes use of your own Google Driveβ„’ (Android) or Apple iCloud (iOS) instead unkown servers. The transfer is encrypted with TLS and files with LockMyPix encryption (AES CTR 256).

Mind the Google Account / Apple ID that you use. It's used to backup your Private Vault.

If you want to switch from Android to iOS or vice versa, use a backup file for the transfer

Restore from the Cloud

Open LockMyPix with the same password as before and activate the Cloud on a new or same phone with the same Google Account / Apple ID. That's important as it contains your Vault.

Once you've activated the Cloud, LockMyPix will automatically download your files. This may take a while depending on the amount of files on your Cloud.

Use the same Google Account / Apple ID if you switch devices

Create an encrypted backup file

Consider this option if you prefer to have a offline backup. Use Create Backup from the LockMyPix settings. The created backup file will be created inside the folder LockMyPix backups on your phone storage or sd-card (if selected).

View the path of a created backup from the option Import Backup.

Tip: Move backup files off your phone to your Desktop or preferred Cloud

Important: If you choose the sd-card to store your backup, make sure that it's file system is not FAT32 as this can take up to 4GB only per single file and may result in an incomplete backup.

Restore from a backup file

Place the backup file on your phones storage, in the root. LockMyPix will not look everywhere for a backup for privacy reasons.

Open LockMyPix with the same password as before and use the option Import Backup from the LockMyPix settings. Select any displayed backup for the import.

If you don't see your backup file(s), ensure that you have placed them directly on your phone's storage (not inside a folder) or explicity inside the folder "LockMyPix backups" (note the correct spelling)

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