Increase your Security Level
Use a few simple tricks to increase your safety.

Choose the right password

LockMyPix protects you with full encryption but your security strongly depends on your password. Avoid passwords with less than 8 characters to achieve maximum security.

Top Tips:

  1. 1.
    Use at least 8 characters mixed alpha-numeric with at least one special symbol
  2. 2.
    Make use of complex sentences that someone can't guess but you mind easily
  3. 3.
    A purely numeric password (PIN) should not contain less than 16 digits

Good passwords:

  • T#L59b.34U$L
  • 5555KLA.Tzz
  • M3454.1$a2
  • 34#58190#28957
  • 5824962710024539$
  • a151$_$54La
  • iWiLLBeOUTofOffIce$
In our experience, a secure password consists of at least 8 characters, alpha-numeric with at least one special character. However, we recommend at least 12 characters. Of course a long password is also a handicap if you want to open your Vault quickly.
With this in mind, choose a password that you consider suitable with at least 8 characters. A purely numeric password (or PIN) should contain at least 16 numbers.

Bad passwords:

  • 2222
  • iamhome
  • 8225566
  • 191937456
Read more on how to use the right password
You can change your password from the LockMyPix Settings -> Change Password.

Upgrade to Premium Protection

LockMyPix build in features increase your privacy to ensure highest security.
Intruder Detection
Catch those people who try to open your Private Vault with automatically taken selfies.

Instant Cloud Backup

Take an entirely encrypted copy to your own and private Google Driveβ„’ that's a direct copy of your Vault and updates automatically. Best protection if you lose your phone or it breaks.

Fake Vault

Use that whenever someone forces you to open your Vault and view different files than stored in your Main Vault.

Hide the entire app

Ever thought how cool it would be if no one knew you were using a Private Vault at all? Use the Disguise Mode to make LockMyPix invisible.

Flip Lock

Lock your entire Vault whenever required by simply flipping your phone. That's great!

Shredder (Anti-Restore)

Safely shredd those files you import from your phones public storage directly after import. Makes a restore simply impossible.
Away from all distractions, you remove all ads with your upgrade to Premium.
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