Recovered password is not working

The password recovery by e-mail is not connected to a certain vault. This pushes security to the highest level.

Whether the password you receive is correct and matches to your current Vault, depends on your setup. You may also have entered a different e-mail address


You activate the password recovery. The password used at that time is stored encrypted in the password recovery.

If you now change your password, the password will also be changed in the recovery - but only if the recovery is still active and you have not blocked the internet connection for LockMyPix.

Once you change your device or perform a reset to import a backup, the recovery is no longer active, but can be reactivated from the settings.

Mind: Even we, the Creators, don't know your password. LockMyPix is 100% secret and your password is solely private to you

Is there any backdoor i can use?

No. LockMyPix was built to ensure 100% privacy, entirely different from other apps you may know. Read more

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